Miah Schmahl

Miah is a proud Hufflepuff and has been a fan of the series since she was in 4th grade. As a child, she pre-ordered every book and eagerly awaited for it to arrive before devouring typically within a night or two. Harry Potter was the magical kingdom where anything was possible, and escaping to it was almost addicting. As an adult, Harry Potter is still an important aspect of her life; Miah even named her dog after the lovable goof Hagrid. She loves using that passion to bring you fun and engaging content on Wizards Welcome.

Bonnie Wright Bio

Bonnie Wright is an English actress, director, and author born on February 17th, 1991. She is most known for her role as the formidable quidditch captain Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter films and is considered one of ‘The Big Seven’ Harry Potter cast members. In other words, one of the series’s most critical and

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Comprehensive Guide to Dementors

Dementors are considered one of the foulest creatures in the Harry Potter Universe. Created from the hopelessness and despair that J.K. Rowling felt because of depression, the dementors are genuinely a creature you should be terrified of. These creatures are neither living nor dead, surprisingly sentient, but they embody all that is dark within the

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