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Supreme Mugwump Guide

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The Supreme Mugwump is an official wizarding title given to the head of the International Confederation of Wizards. The position was an elected one and was considered the highest office across the Wizarding world, and you will find out more about this title in the Supreme Mugwump Guide.

Supreme Mugwump Election

In the films about Dumbledore’s early days, it was noted that the position of Supreme Mugwump was decided upon by an ancient creature called the Qilin. The Qilin could see into the purity of a person’s soul and see the future, so they would wander around potential candidates and bow at the person they felt was most worthy.

Supreme Mugwump Guide: Qilin Supreme Mugwump Election

In those same films, the Qilin tried to choose Albus Dumbledore, but Dumbledore encouraged the creature to pick the woman to his side. However, Dumbledore was elected to the same position later in life.

Later the position became one voted upon by members of all countries of the International Confederation. Just as individuals could be elected to the office, they could also be kicked out of the office if the majority of Confederation members decided, which happened to Dumbledore when he maintained that Lord Voldemort had returned, but the world did not want to admit that.

Anyone elected to this position was able to serve several other roles and hold other titles at the same time, like Albus Dumbledore, who served as Hogwarts headmaster as well as the chief warlock for the Wizengamot.

Supreme Mugwump Title Holders

Pierre Bonaccord was the first Supreme Mugwump, though not everyone was happy about that because he advocated for wizards hunting trolls (I think we’ve all watched an appointee like that). 

Other holders were Cottismore Croyne and Sedley Smirkpaltter. 

Thereafter, Anton Vogel served, but his position was contested by Grindelwald and the secret followers of Grindelwald. Grindelwald went so far as to ensure he was next chosen that he reanimated a Qilin that he had hunted and killed so that it would pick him. However, Dumbledore was able to put a stop to this. 

Albus Dumbledore Supreme Mugwump Title Holders

Albus Dumbledore, but for a short interval, was the Supreme Mugwump during his time as Hogwarts Headmaster. Given that this was the highest position in the Wizarding World, the entire thread throughout the Harry Potter books regarding Cornelius Fudge being worried about Dumbledore taking over his minister of magic seems a bit laughable since Dumbledore was already holding an elected position significantly higher than minister of magic.

After Dumbledore, Babajide Akingbade became Supreme Mugwump.

Supreme Mugwump Etymology

The term “mugwump” originates from the Algonquian word for “big chief” signifying that the holder of the position was the leader of that magical board. 

Supreme Mugwump Appearances in Books:

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Supreme Mugwump Appearances in Films:

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

Supreme Mugwump Guide : FAQs

Question: Who is the Supreme Mugwump during Harry Potter?

Answer: When Harry Potter goes to school, Albus Dumbledore serves as the title holder the entire time except for one year when he is temporarily removed but eventually reinstated after the Wizarding Community comes to grips with the fact that Voldemort really is back. 

Question: What does a Supreme Mugwump do?

Answer: Interestingly this is not a position that seems to have taken a lot of time away from Dumbledore when he served or his other duties, and even though it’s the highest-ranking position in the Wizarding community, at no point were any of the duties associated with that position discussed. 

As the head of the international Confederation, it’s assumed that the title holder would be responsible for the final rule or vote on things over which the general Confederation could not reach a consensus, although it seems more like a position such as the leader of the House of Representatives in America.

Question: Was Grindelwald Supreme Mugwump?

Answer: Grindelwald never achieved the position, although he did campaign for it in 1932. At the time, he went to Great Lengths to try and cheat the system to ensure he would be elected by killing and reanimating a Qilin– the magical creature that, at the time, decided who would serve in the position based on the purity of their heart.

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