Melika Jeddi

Melika has loved Harry Potter since she entered the magical halls of Hogwarts at 8 years old. She proudly considers the world of Harry Potter her home, and even as an adult, her obsession with the series remains strong. Whether it's revisiting the original books and movies, hunting down the best merch pieces, or reading up on Wizarding lore, Melika knows it all and is eager to share it with you!

village of hogsmeade guide

Village of Hogsmeade Guide

The world of Harry Potter introduces us to many weird and wonderful locations, places that captivated my heart as an 8-year-old and never left me. Obviously, Hogwarts is the most special of all, being the place where Harry and the others learn magic and embark on exciting adventures. However, Hogsmeade absolutely has its moments. Alongside Diagon […]

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Horcrux Guide

There are many examples of dark magic throughout the Harry Potter series, but perhaps the most evil of all is that of a Horcrux. Not only is it a fascinatingly terrible bit of magic, but Horcruxes also serve as a major plot point throughout the series, particularly in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Harry Potter

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