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If you love the world of Harry Potter, don’t be afraid to show it with Harry Potter stickers. 

Let me start with a story. 

When I was younger, Harry Potter came out and everyone in my grade was excited because we were about the same age as the characters. However, I was taught not to succumb to peer pressure from an early age and not to do what everyone else was doing just because they said it was cool.

I didn’t realize this was meant to apply only to things like drugs and alcohol. I thought it applied to everything, which is why when every other student in my grade was reading Harry Potter, I vehemently refused. I didn’t want to pick up a book series just because all the other kids were doing it.

Once all the books were released, there wasn’t as much pressure. And then the movies came out. I watched half of the films only because they were always playing at my friends houses, but I didn’t quite understand the stories. Some friends took it upon themselves to explain aspects of the books that were included in the movies so that I would have a better idea of why certain things transpired, but usually only when I pointed out that there was a flaw in the storyline.

I picked it up when I was older, and of course, now I read it every year. Harry Potter is the perfect place for me to go when I can’t get out of my own head or when stress is so bad that I can’t focus. Harry Potter is the one thing that helps reset me no matter what’s going on. And I almost forget that it’s meant for kids. 

So, I’ve made up for lost time by hosting lots of Harry Potter parties and showing off my fandom with things like the best Harry Potter stickers. I put a great deal of effort into it because I’m an adult, and I have the freedom to do so, so every party I throw is a little different and uses some of the same elements like top-of-the-line Harry Potter stickers.

harry potter labels stickers

Bottomline Upfront

Do yourself a favor and consider going the extra mile with the Conquest House Sets. They are fun, unique, and give you the sense that you successfully achieved your N.E.W.T.’s and are onto bigger and better things. 

Selection Criteria: Aren’t All Stickers the Same?

Not all stickers are the same. The material used for the sticker can vary. What you want is something like vinyl. Some stickers are waterproof or UV protected. This is very important if you’re going to put the sticker on something like a water bottle because regular exposure to sunlight damages the color, and eventually, that fun Harry Potter sticker won’t look like anything.

Obviously, getting a waterproof sticker is important for anyone attaching stickers to a water bottle, but it’s equally important if you plan on using the stickers as a car decal.

Type of Sticker

This brings me to my next point, which is that not all stickers are made for the same use. If you are trying to find a sticker to put on your car, you want to be very careful that you look for car decals and not things like generic notebook stickers. Most of the best Harry Potter stickers are meant for scrapbooking or putting on your gadgets and home items, but they might not stand up to driving 65 mph on the freeway in a rainstorm.

Sticker Sets vs. Individual Stickers

If you plan to use sticker sets, they usually come to you as individual stickers, so you peel each one off its respective backing and put it where you want. There are some sets that come as a sheet, but these are usually perforated, so you can easily peel off the stickers you want to use.

Adhesive Material

All stickers have some sort of adhesive on the back. It’s what makes them stick. You don’t have to use them all at once, but if you don’t use them immediately, you want to safely store them in a cool, dark space like a closet. Exposure to the elements can reduce the adhesive over time, and in the span of a few years, the items might not stick anymore. So don’t be stingy with your stickers. 

The Best Harry Potter Stickers

Sticker Paper: at Home Harry Potter Stickers

Let me start by saying I LOVE stickers. Stickers and a laminator can make just about anything ten times better. Allow me to demonstrate:

For my last Harry Potter party, I couldn’t find a lot of stickers that came pre-made. So I made them myself. With sheets of sticker paper, you can turn your entire world into whatever you want–as long as you have an image to print and far too many hours to hand-cut uniquely shaped items. Luckily, I did. 

9527 Product 100 Sheets Sticker Labels

In this picture, you can see that I supported Etsy (there are almost 2,000 results for Harry Potter printables, so you’ll have to take it upon yourself to refine that search) by purchasing the printables I liked most. Each room in my home was a part of the HP world, so printables were purchased accordingly. 

harry potter printables

First, we have The Three Broomsticks, where guests could pick up many beverages. I simply bought some fan-designed images and printed them on sticker paper, then affixed them to empty whiskey and maple syrup bottles (both cleaned ahead of time). It saved me on recycling and gave everything an authentic feel. 

Serve butterbeer hot!

Honeydukes made all of the children in attendance very happy because it consisted of bags with printed labels and all the candy they could fit into said bags. For the record, one of the younger attendees didn’t bother to ask or confirm this was intentional-she just walked right in, squealed, grabbed a bag, and started shoveling everything her tiny fingers could reach. 

candy shop stickers
Honeydukes 2
Create your own Honeydukes with candy stickers

And no party is complete without souvenirs. For my last party, everyone got to pick out badges to wear and take home. These represent the most time-consuming part of the preparations because each had to be printed on sticker paper, then put on cardstock, then laminated (remember that thing about a laminator making things better? Yeah, right here… this is where the machine paid for itself), then attached to pins so people could wear them.


Time-consuming as it was, it turned out to be one of the best parts. 

HP Badges
Make your own souvenirs with the best Harry Potter stickers

Graphics and More HP Stickers

Harry Potter Die Cut Vinyl Sticker Variety Pack

Graphics and More produces this vinyl set of 50 Harry Potter stickers. They include a wide range of real-life images from the films, cartoon renderings, and Funko Pop! Renderings. Personally, I don’t like sets like these because my OCD requires they all be the same theme, i.e., a set of stickers from the films or a set of stickers with cartoon renderings.

I don’t like the whole mix-and-match thing. But I know plenty of people who do. In fact, for some, the mix-and-match is the only way they get specific stickers they are looking for. 


  • Vinyl stickers can be put on water bottles, laptops, tablets, tablets, skateboards, etc……
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • You get 50 in a bunch


  • It is a mixture of odd things like the Funko Pop! Images for characters such as Hagrid, pictures of the main characters from the movies, fun cartoonish images of people like Luna, and then really clear, vibrant stickers for places like Gringotts. 

Conquest Vinyl Stickers: Potions Labels

Conquest Journals Harry Potter Potions Labels Vinyl Stickers

Just like I did for my Harry Potter parties, you can invest in potions labels. These are waterproof and UV-resistant potion labels that you can stick to all sorts of bottles and containers in your home. Around Halloween and Christmas, I like to bring these out because they add something fun to our bar and social areas.


  • Waterproof
  • UV resistant
  • Tons of potions, and each sticker is different.


  • Some of the potions repeat themselves, but honestly, I use that to my advantage by placing stickers on multiple items or wrapping them around both sides of a particularly large bottle, as seen in the image below.

Some random bottles of hydration drops and other tinctures were collected months before the party and, once empty, were also covered with appropriate home-printed stickers. 

Potions - Copy
Use potions stickers on empty bottles and fill with food coloring and water!

Platform 9 ¾

Paper House Productions Harry Potter Hogwarts Platform

If you want to make an epic sign above your doorway, use this Platform 9 ¾ sticker. I used it to make the Hogwarts Express entrance to my home during a party, as seen in the image below:


  • Larger size, big enough to look real
  • Vinyl sticker
  • Waterproof


  • Only available in a darker maroon background

Marauder’s Map

Marauder's Map

This isn’t technically the sticker of the Marauder’s Map, but it is a set of 2 stickers that have elements of the Marauder’s Map, like Mischief Managed and up to no good. If you don’t want both, you can buy a single sticker of the same size for one or the other.


  • Half-sized stickers or full-size stickers available
  • Four inches wide
  • Colorful graphics


  • No actual map image

Conquest Vinyl Stickers Watercolor

Conquest Journals Harry Potter Watercolor Vinyl Stickers

Next on the list is from the brand Con*Quest. They are one of the official providers of HP stickers. Each set comes with up to 50 stickers, with an array of fun ideas like beater clubs, the Ford Anglia, the Triwizard Cup, Liquid Luck, a Hogwarts Express sticker, the Elder wand, and love potions. This set is the watercolor set, so everything looks like it was painted with watercolors: lots of pastels and blurred edges. 

They are very sturdy and thick. This isn’t applicable to all stickers, which is what places these sets among the best Harry Potter stickers. What’s more, they are easy to peel and place. Just make sure you put them on a flat, clean surface. Once they are on, they are really on. 


  • UV resistant
  • Waterproof
  • It can be used on gadgets, car windows, notebooks, luggage, and more


  • The theme is watercolor for this set, so it has a lighter, pastel hue, and everything is made to look like a cartoon

Conquest House Set

Conquest Journals Harry Potter Gryffindor Vinyl Stickers

Conquest has funhouse sets intended for alumni. So if you want to pretend you are a graduate of Hogwarts, this Gryffindor sticker set is one of the best Harry Potter stickers for anything: water bottles, laptops, pencil cases, skateboards, and anything else in the house you want to claim (but get permission from mom first).

Conquest Journals Harry Potter Slytherin Vinyl Stickers

In this kit, you get a range of expressive stickers that have different takes on Gryffindor, the emblem, and the mascot. There are some that look like badgers, things you received for acts bestowed upon the school. Others look like the cover of the Hogwarts Alumni magazine for Gryffindor students (who reads those? Really?). 

Conquest Journals Harry Potter Ravenclaw Vinyl Stickers

If you want a different house, you can get the same set but for Slytherin or Ravenclaw (the Hufflepuff set doesn’t come from Conquest, but rather, the other company mentioned above: Graphics and More. Why does everyone ignore poor Hufflepuff? No wonder one of my boys started crying when a house-placement test put him in Hufflepuff). These can be used the same as I did for parties: placed on bottles, bags, and notebooks, all for a themed experience. 

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Theme Pack Die Cut Vinyl Large Delux Sticker Variety Pack


  • House based sets of stickers
  • Waterproof
  • Big set for under ten dollars
  • You can pick your house team and show off your loyalty
  • Self-adhesive


  • These decals range in size 
  • The company doesn’t have all houses or a mixed house set like this

Wall Decal: Dumbledore Quote

If you want to go a different way with your stickers, beyond just water bottles and parties, there are some amazing wall decals that you can place in your home. This particular quote is from Dumbledore about our choices, but the manufacturer can change the text if there is another quote you like better. You can alter the words to fit around the hat and stars, using the same Harry Potter font. 

Dumbledore Quote Wall Decal


  • Made from vinyl
  • Has a great quote perfect for an inspiration


  • It only sticks best to plastic or metal

Wall Decal: Symbols

You are So Loved Harry Potter Wall

This is another Harry Potter wall decal you can use to stick on a kids’ playroom wall. It is from Harry’s mom, about how he is loved, and it is encircled with symbols from the book. It is best to use it on a metal or plastic surface, but it also sticks to doors, closets, tile floors, windows, and so on. The material is vinyl, so you can easily apply the stickers and remove them. They are waterproof but not reusable, so make sure you put them where you want them to live permanently. \

Wall Decal: Signs

Harry Potter Road Wall Decal Way

If you want a wall decal with signs pointing to all of the main Harry Potter areas, this is the Harry Potter sticker to use. I actually used this for a party once, and then after two months of staring at it and remembering I needed to take it down, it was finally removed. It is quite fun though and points to all of the most popular areas. I positioned it so that Azkaban was indicated as upstairs, where guests were not allowed. 


  • Perfect for a nursery or kid room wall or door
  • Black and white
  • 30 inches by 23 inches


  • It cannot be reused

House Sticker

Ministry of Magic This Way Decal Sticker

Not all of the best Harry Potter stickers have to be inspirational and loving. This Ministry of Magic sticker is hilarious and an accurate ode to the series. It is 7.5 inches by 6.4 inches and goes on the inside of your toilet seat. No one will know it is there until they lift the lid, and then they will get a fun surprise. 


  • Toilet seat sticker for Ministry of Magic access
  • Very large, so it should fit all toilet lids
  • Waterproof (for obvious reasons)


  • Only available in black

Car Sticker

Baby Wizard On Board Body Window Car Sticker

If you want to move outside the home, there are some fun Harry Potter stickers for your car. This is probably only something to consider if you actually have a baby on board. It is smaller and can go on a window or on the bumper. 


  • Vinyl
  • 8 inches by 5 inches
  • Waterproof and UV proof
  • Black background with white print


  • You can easily remove them without damaging the car, but they can’t be used for more than one


Question: Can I use Any Stickers for my Car?

Answer: If you are buying Harry Potter stickers, you want to make sure that they are designed as a car decal. It will say it in the description. You won’t have good luck if you buy regular notebook stickers made of vinyl and try to stick them to your car.

Question: Are Harry Potter Stickers Expensive?

Answer: Generally, no. You can usually find all types of Harry Potter stickers for your phone, stickers you can download and print at home, or stickers that come in a 50 pack for well under $10.

Question: Are there Harry Potter Stickers for Specific Characters?

Answer: You might be able to find sticker packs that include images of the main characters from the films.  However, most of the best Harry Potter stickers have to do with elements of the stories, symbols, images, and fun facts.


Consider going the extra mile with sticker paper and homemade stickers for specific events like parties. For all other concerns, consider the wall decals and the Conquest House Sets. You can use them for all sorts of things, like signs, notebooks you give away, laminated bookmarks, fake magazine covers, souvenir pins, and more. 

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