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If you have ever visited a Disney park, no doubt you were overwhelmed by the volume of souvenirs available to you. But one of the ultimate souvenirs today are Loungefly mini backpacks and bags. These are designed to be small enough to carry all of your essential items throughout the day while you wander the park but they’re also collectible items. 

In this Best Harry Potter Loungefly Guide I’ll go over not only what Loungefly products are, but which Harry Potter-themed items are worth your money.

Bottom line Up Front

I go for the Loungefly mini backpacks. While they have a lot of other products, the mini backpacks are the most popular, and I much prefer carrying a small backpack with me throughout the day instead of a purse or a wallet. It leaves my hands free, and it doesn’t hurt my shoulders as much. My favorite is the Marauder’s Map mini backpack because of the classy faux leather and suede, the color, and the gold hardware. If you want a purse, the Diagon Alley black on gold is my top pick. And if you just want a wallet that is fun, the Luna Lovegood Quibbler is my favorite.

Loungefly Harry Potter Backpack

Selection Criteria

Every item included was evaluated based on the print, the location of the print (something I’ll cover later with AOP definitions), and the additional features. 

What is Loungefly?

Loungefly is a brand owned by Funko. You probably know Funko because of the fun funko pop dolls. They create a great deal of products based on pop culture ranging from makeup bags to mini backpacks, crossbody purses, full-size purses, wallets, cardholders, and full-size backpacks.

Loungefly Harry Potter Backpack

However, out of all those, the most popular are the mini backpacks. That’s their main product line, it’s the most prominent souvenir you will find if you travel to any Disney park, and it’s what people collect. Popular franchises covered by Loungefly include Marvel, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, and my favorite, Harry Potter.

Loungefly Dictionary

When you start looking into different Harry Potter Loungefly items, you are going to find a lot of different abbreviations.

This Best Harry Potter Loungefly Guide wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t help you understand the lingo.

  • AOP: This is when there is an all-over print, a design randomly printed all over the bag or the backpack. Generally, this means the characters are randomly placed above pockets, over seams, etc. 

Good: Designs with small numbers of characters closely together are more likely to land on the front of the backpack where you want them.

Bad: Designs with only a few characters are going to be spaced out and you’ll probably end up with bad placement without any of the full characters on the front pocket.

  • Chibi: This is a type of character design that looks exactly like Funko Pops. They have oversized cartoon heads with very small cartoon bodies.

Good:  If you are a fan of Funko Pop any Loungefly item with Harry Potter characters is going to look adorable, right up your alley.

Bad:  If you don’t like cartoons, this won’t be the print for you.

  • Cosplay: This refers to any bag design that is reminiscent of a character’s outfit or their face.

Good: If you have a favorite character, this might be the best option for you because you can show off your true fan appreciation. 

Bad:  You won’t get a lot of options for symbols or thematic elements because it’s only focused on one character.

Loungefly Harry Potter Backpack
  • HFT: This stands for “hard to find .” It literally refers to any Loungefly item that is hard to find, usually because it’s no longer in production.

Good: Because of how unique they are, you certainly won’t walk around school or a park seeing hundreds of other people with the same product.

Bad: You are going to have a much harder time finding these products, and they will cost you a lot more. These are definitely collectibles that you don’t necessarily take out on a hot day when you’re heading down to the river.

  • Grail: This refers to the type of bag that is your Holy Grail or one that is highly sought after by all Loungefly fans. It won’t necessarily be hard to find, but it will certainly be a high investment.

Good:  This can be a personalized item that simply means a lot to you, and you can use multiple resources to find it.

Bad:  You might not be the only person going after this particular Grail.

Where can I Buy Harry Potter Loungefly Products?

So where can you find Loungefly? Amazon is going to be your best bet for Loungefly items no matter where you live, whereas individual stores will have a smaller selection. Moreover, you might drive to the nearest mall only to find out that your local Hot Topic doesn’t have anything Harry Potter-themed. 

Online Retailers

Higher quality bags might come from Disney Parks exclusively with the fabric plates sewn onto the front, but each authentic Loungefly bag or backpack has a plaque with the logo and possibly the logo of the franchise.


High-Quality Bags: The more high-quality the bag, the more likely the plate on the front will be made of metal. The bag will typically have padded straps, a zipper charm, and printed lining on the inside.

Low-Quality Bags: Lower-quality bags will usually have a fabric plate without any padded straps or internal lining for the backpack. 

Loungefly Harry Potter Backpack

The difference in cost is minimal. You might spend $80 on a high-quality bag at a Disney park or at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and spend only $50 on a low-quality bag. Still, I prefer having a mixture of both. I don’t mind having the high-quality bags with the padded straps, but low-quality bags are much more comfortable taking out and about for everyday adventures. So don’t turn your nose up at low-quality bags. It’s still a Loungefly bag, and it’s still worth the investment. 


When you start purchasing the different Harry Potter Loungefly products, here are some tips to follow.

  1. Don’t wear any sequin bags. You might find fun sequin prints, but they end up scratching under your arms and along the sides of your triceps. It’s just not worth it.
  2. If you buy purses, they have exchangeable straps, so you can get longer or shorter straps based on your size.
  3. You want the bottom of the straps to attach to the sides, not to the bottom of the backpack. If they attach to the sides, you have more room as a wearer. If you’re buying for a child, this isn’t as important.

Top Harry Potter Loungefly Products

Now let’s look at some of the top Harry Potter Loungefly products. This best Harry Potter Loungefly guide wouldn’t be complete without some top picks!

Loungefly Harry Potter Marauders Map Mini Backpack

Loungefly Harry Potter Marauders Map Mini Backpack

The Loungefly Harry Potter Marauders Map Mini Backpack is my top pick. Out of all of the Loungefly products, this one has the quilted deboss details that I love. It looks like all the classy leather products you would expect in a CEO’s office. Plus, I am a huge fan of the understated brown and burgundy tones. The Marauder’s Map text is featured perfectly in the center of the pocket. This is great because you don’t have the issue of AOP, and instead have the perfectly centered design. 


  • You have padded straps.
  • The inside is lined with the black and white Marauder’s Map images.
  • The hardware is antique gold.
  • You get the charm on the zipper, indicative of the high-quality design.


  • This is a high-quality mini backpack, so it is one of the most expensive.

Loungefly Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Hedwig Women’s Double Strap Shoulder Bag Purse

Loungefly Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Hedwig Women's Double Strap Shoulder Bag Purse

Next on my list of favorites is the Loungefly Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Hedwig Women’s Double Strap Shoulder Bag Purse. Why? Because I truly love the way the castle bleeds off the edge of the backpack. So with this high-quality design, the front pocket serves as the foundation of the castle, the rocks, and the mountains on which the castle is placed. The zipper runs right along the base of the castle. Then above the zipper, you have the printed details of the castle with Hedwig soaring across the sky.


  • High-quality bag for adults
  • Hedwig printed interior fabric lining.
  • It has adjustable shoulder straps that are padded.
  • You get a top-carrying handle.
  • The outside is faux leather with applique, and printed details, and the back of the backpack has the print for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


  • The castle detail that sticks over the edge of the perimeter is most likely to get smushed and worn if this backpack is used by a child. 

Loungefly Harry Potter Diagon Alley Sequin Mini Backpack

Loungefly Harry Potter Diagon Alley Sequin Mini Backpack

The Loungefly Harry Potter Diagon Alley Sequin Mini Backpack is worth mentioning because the print is fantastic and includes Fred and George’s new shop. I love the print on this because it’s not generic but rather an ode to the Deathly Hallows and the Half-Blood Prince books. It’s fun, it looks down Diagon Alley from The View, opposite what we normally get in the movies. Instead of looking at it from the entrance, you get to see the Weasleys shop, the school robes, cauldron shop, Wand Shop, and of course Gringotts Bank with the escaped dragon soaring above. Even though it doesn’t have any characters, it has the chibi cartoon feel. 


  • It has faux leather with sequin trim and printed details.
  • There’s a front zipper pocket with padded, adjustable shoulder straps.
  • It’s crafted primarily from polyurethane, and on the inside, you get printed liner fabric with silhouettes of things like Hedwig, cauldrons, the Sorting Hat, and brooms.


  • It has sequins which will be harder to care for and will rub against your arms when you wear it (so wear it in the winter; that’s my solution)

Loungefly Harry Potter Free Dobby The Elf Mini Backpack

Loungefly Harry Potter Free Dobby The Elf Mini Backpack

This Loungefly Harry Potter Free Dobby The Elf Mini Backpack is subtle, understated, and unique in its design. Almost all of the other Loungefly mini backpacks have that curved egg top shape and a zipper that goes all the way around the top half of the perimeter. On the front of the otherwise rounded, rectangular base is a zippered pocket. This elf backpack is different. It has a squared shape all the way up to the top, and instead of having zippers that go around the perimeter, it has a flap that goes over the top and buttons in place. There are two faux leather straps that run along the interior which you can tighten before you snap it shut. It also has two zippers that run along a diagonal plane on the left and right side so that you can open the top of your backpack wider.


  • It has a chibi Dobby and Harry on the front with the words “Dobby is a free elf.”
  • You get a subtle faux brown suede with a turquoise flap on top.
  • The interior has a printed fabric with blue and black socks, owing to the piece of clothing that gave Dobby his freedom and turned out to be his favorite clothing thereafter.
  • You can enjoy antique gold hardware.


  • It has less security because of the design, but it certainly looks more like an adult back 

Loungefly Harry Potter Marauders Map AOP Nylon Pouch

Loungefly Harry Potter Marauders Map AOP Nylon Pouch

The Loungefly Harry Potter Marauders Map AOP Nylon Pouch is great for anyone who wants a fun pouch or wallet. It is eight inches by four inches, so it is enough to fit your phone, keys, cards, cash, and maybe a chapstick or two. It is made with white nylon, embroidered with gold for sections of the Marauder’s Map. I actually use this inside my backpacks because it helps protect those things you don’t necessarily want to be openly visible or to accidentally fall to the ground when your child rummages through your backpacks are working for snacks and tosses aside because it helps protect those things you don’t necessarily want to be openly visible or to accidentally fall to the ground when your child rummages through your backpack searching for snacks and tosses aside other private products.


  • You get white nylon with printed gold details.
  • The hardware is antique gold.
  • It is small and an easier way to use Loungefly products daily.


  • They only have this print and color.

Loungefly Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Mini Backpack

Loungefly Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Mini Backpack

This Loungefly Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Mini Backpack chibi design is adorable! I’ll admit, I am partial to Luna Lovegood. I always loved her and wanted her to end up with Harry Potter. She was quirky and fun, but more importantly, she had to endure trauma and come out a better person because of it. She knew exactly who she was, and she didn’t take anyone else’s crap to heart. Thankfully, you will find a lot of Luna Lovegood options in this Best Harry Potter Loungefly Guide because I’m not alone in that feeling.


  • It is an AOP design, but Luna is there wearing her spectrespecs, wearing the Gryffindor head for the Quidditch match, and in her robes, so chances are you will get at least one of those on the front pocket.
  • The printed interior fabric is pink with silhouettes of her Patronus and her spectrespecs.
  • It has adjustable, padding straps.
  • You get a top-carrying handle which, along with the backpack straps, is a pastel pink.


  • It is a pastel color theme that not everyone likes

Loungefly x Harry Potter Glasses Gryffindor Nylon Backpack (One Size, Red/Yellow Multi)

Loungefly x Harry Potter Glasses Gryffindor Nylon Backpack

If you have kids, consider the nylon products like the Loungefly x Harry Potter Glasses Gryffindor Nylon Backpack (One Size, Red/Yellow Multi). This backpack has adjustable backpack straps, and it looks more like a traditional backpack in terms of shape. It doesn’t have that rounded egg top like most Loungefly mini backpacks. It’s also designed for children and adults, so the size is more likely to fit their tiny shoulders. The back of the nylon pack is printed in black with the Gryffindor print along with the front pocket and a grey nylon front panel on top of the pocket with the lightning bolt and glasses. 


  • As a lower-quality nylon bag with print, it’s something you can give to kids that still qualifies as a Loungefly collector’s item but won’t get as easily damaged.
  • It has a two-way zipper closure for the main compartment as well as the small zippered front pouch.
  • The interior has a laptop sleeve and two exterior water bottle holders.
  • It has backpack straps and two handles on the top that you can hook together.


  • It isn’t as fun as the AOP for kids, but it still clearly has the glasses and lightning bolt mark across the front.

Loungefly Harry Potter Magical Elements All Over Print Women’s Double Strap Shoulder Bag Purse

Loungefly Harry Potter Magical Elements All Over Print Women's Double Strap Shoulder Bag Purse

So, remember the common problem with AOP prints? The Loungefly Harry Potter Magical Elements All Over Print Women’s Double Strap Shoulder Bag Purse circumvents that. It is an AOP design, but the front pocket is made to look like a Hogwarts envelope. It might be the classiest front pocket I’ve ever seen, and if they ever made that front pouch design into a separate wallet, I would be over the moon. This design is a bit of a chibi design, with the main characters looking cartoonish but not exaggerated. It is a combination of black, gold, and white exclusively. The exterior body of the bag is the same general shape as the metallic plate on one of the side water bottle pockets. The backpack straps and top carrying handle are padded faux leather, and the inside has the Hogwarts crest stamped in gold all across the black lining. I just love, love, love the elegance of this model and the way they made the front pocket into the letter. Seriously. This is my grail. 


  • It has a beautiful design.
  • AOP with a basic black front pocket.
  • The front pocket seals with a clasp right where the “envelope” would open.
  • High-quality design with padded straps and molded metal rivets.


  • The AOP print might not have the characters you want.

Loungefly Harry Potter Face Mini Backpack

Loungefly Harry Potter Face Mini Backpack

If you want something with a bit more fun, consider the Loungefly Harry Potter Face Mini Backpack. This Cosplay backpack features Harry Potter. It is a chibi design, so he has a cartoonish appearance. What I love most is that the front pocket is his uniform, complete with the Gryffindor tie. The tie is sewn on top of the prints for the front pocket, so it hangs ever-so-slightly off the edge of the pocket. The small elements are just adorable. The interior printed fabric is some of the most stunning I’ve seen in any Loungefly mini backpack, with an oversized checkered print featuring Gryffindor or seal features.


  • The interior has checkered Gryffindor prints with an interior zippered compartment.
  • You get a two-way top zipper, outer pockets, and inner pockets.
  • This design has a sturdy metal plate, metal hardware, and metal charms.
  • It’s a polyurethane foam leather shell with fabric lining that you can easily protect with Scotch Guard. 


  • It has a polyurethane lining

Loungefly Harry Potter Hedwig Howler Women’s Double Strap Shoulder Bag Purse

Loungefly Harry Potter Hedwig Howler Women's Double Strap Shoulder Bag Purse

This is another Cosplay model, but for Hedwig. And who doesn’t love Hedwig? Hedwig is modeled with a chibi design for this one. This Loungefly Harry Potter Hedwig Howler Women’s Double Strap Shoulder Bag Purse is perhaps the most beautiful cosplay pack available today. Just as the Harry Potter cosplay model had his tie that hung down below the front pocket, Hedwig has wings that extend outward on either side of the backpack. The Hedge wig detail is attached on top of the front pocket. The front pocket is shaped and printed to look like an acceptance letter from Hogwarts clutched between her talons. The main backpack has a beautiful quilted faux-leather design which is black and cream. Hedgewick is primarily cream-colored. On the back panel, you get a stunning silhouette of Hogwarts that fills the entire back panel of the backpack, so every time you take it off, you get to look at Hogwarts.


  • Very high quality padded and adjustable straps
  • High-quality Hardware with matching charms
  • Stunning detail for Hedwig
  • The backpack has a print on the back of the pack, which most Loungefly products lack


  • The edges of Hedwig might get damaged first if the backpack is not handled well.

Loungefly Harry Potter Diagon Alley Crossbody

Loungefly Harry Potter Diagon Alley Crossbody

This Loungefly Harry Potter Diagon Alley Crossbody is great for anyone who wants a crossbody bag/purse. It is a unique product, not as common as the mini backpacks, and I absolutely love it. I’m a big fan of black bags, but I especially love that this bag features a view of Diagon Alley at night, and the embroidery is used to create the outlines of the buildings and features, while the gold foil is used to fill out the windows and the stars in the sky.


  • It has an adjustable shoulder strap which is detachable.
  • This is a high-quality bag with a metal plate, gold antique hardware, and patted handles, as well as a crossbody, adjustable, and detachable strap.
  • It’s a large bag, so you can still fit quite a bit inside, and the inside contains multiple zippered pockets and storage compartments.


  • The interior is lined with the same pattern you get on the Loungefly Harry Potter Diagon Alley Sequin Mini Backpack, and the pattern for the exterior is also the same but embroidered instead of printed in color. 

Loungefly Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Quibbler Crossbody Purse

Loungefly Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Quibbler Crossbody Purse

Another crossbody purse option is the quirky Loungefly Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Quibbler Crossbody Purse. I printed this same quibbler cover and used it to make fake magazines during a Harry Potter party, but I love it so much more as a crossbody purse because I tend to hold crossbody purses with one hand for security so if I were walking down the street it might very well just look like I’m holding a Quibbler in my hand.


  • It is made of faux leather, white on one side with the printed color quibbler cover on the other.
  • It has a flap closure with a chain strap.
  • The interior lining is the same theme.


  • It is 9 1/2 inches wide, 7 inches tall, and 3 inches deep, so you won’t be able to store as much in it as other crossbody designs, but it’s still quite fun


Question: Are Loungefly Bags Only for Women?

Answer: No! They make a few bags that are larger than the mini backpacks in dark or neutral colors. If you see a bag that you like, don’t be afraid to wear it or use it. You don’t need to be a woman to buy Loungefly products. There are many Harry Potter bags in particular that are arguably suitable for anyone. 

Question: What are Loungefly Bags Made of?

Answer: Loungefly products are made from vegan faux leather. Beyond that, they vary quite a bit in terms of the design and the materials used. You might have some that include felt, sequins, canvas, or faux fur. 

Question: How can I Tell if my Bag is Rare?

Answer: If you are buying or selling some of the best Harry Potter Loungefly products, you want to make sure you don’t pay too much or settle for far less than it’s worth. One of the easiest ways you can determine the rare status of a Loungefly product is to take a look at the plaque; Funko purchased Loungefly in 2018, and ever since that, the logo has a crown placed directly over the last letter “y.” If it has a heart on the plate, that means it was made prior to 2018. Bags that were made before Funko purchased Loungefly are considered rarer and more highly sought-after.

Question: Are Loungefly Bags Friendly for Plus-size People?

Answer: Generally yes. The straps got much longer after Funko purchased Loungefly. If you buy a newer bag, something after 2018, you’ll have long straps that you can adjust.

Question: Is There any Way to Save Money by Buying the Best Harry Potter Loungefly Products?

Answer: Of course. The best way to save money is to do things like sign up for emails from the manufacturer or from the stores you use. Certain stores that sell Loungefly products have special loyalty programs where you get coupons depending on how much you have spent in the past on previous Loungefly items. Again, there’s no guarantee that individual stores will have Harry Potter products, but you can still take advantage of cashback programs or loyalty programs and only purchase when there are active discounts and coupons. 

Bottom line

There are so many great products, but my absolute favorite Loungefly recommendation is the Marauder’s Map. It is understated and elegant, and it looks like it’s meant for an adult. A lot of the other collectible Harry Potter Loungefly mini backpacks have more of a cartoonish or childish feel to them which is perfectly fine, but this is something I can carry around when dining at the clubhouse and feel confident. I particularly love the quilted pattern of the faux leather and suede. Of course, if you only want a wallet, the Marauder’s Map wallet is great, as is the quibbler. If you’re looking for a purse, I recommend the Diagon Alley crossbody purse because of the classy black on gold.

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