Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas: There’s Something for Everyone

Harry Potter fans are creative when it comes to showing off their pride, and that includes with Harry Potter tattoo ideas. If you want to join the crowd, you should compare a few designs.

No matter how many tattoos you have or how much you love Harry Potter, you should consider a tattoo or two. Then, you can make the tattoo a point of conversation, or you can keep it to yourself if you want.

Bottom Line Up Front: You can get a Harry Potter tattoo of just about anything, from your Patronus to your favorite spell or Quidditch piece. My favorite idea is probably the 9 3/4 platform, since it’s simple yet creative. Consider a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing before you visit the tattoo parlor.

Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas

Whether you’ve gotten a tattoo before or not, you should consider a few tattoo ideas. Then, you can make sure to choose a Harry Potter tattoo that you’ll love now and in the future.

After all, tattoos are permanent, and while you can remove them, you want to get what you like in the first place. So if you’re looking to show off your love of Harry Potter, consider some tattoo ideas.

Your Hogwarts House

Most Harry Potter fans have taken at least one quiz on their Hogwarts house. I always get Ravenclaw except for when I took the official Pottermore quiz, where I got Hufflepuff.

If that’s happened to you, choose the house you identify with more, and use that for your tattoo. Then, you can get a tattoo of that house’s signature colors.

You can also turn this into a couple or group tattoo and get the colors of everyone’s houses. If you want to go more detailed, you can even get a tattoo of your house’s symbol or crest.

I like that with this idea, you can be subtle or obvious. If you go with a design that uses the colors, people may not know you’re a Harry Potter fan, but you can also show off your Hogwarts pride.

Your Patronus

If you’ve taken a Hogwarts house quiz, you might have also taken a Patronus quiz. And if you haven’t done so, there are tons of quizzes you can take to figure out your Patronus.

Then, you can get a tattoo of that animal, whether it’s a phoenix, a cat, or something else. Compared to other Harry Potter tattoo ideas, this one can be as subtle or obvious as you want.

If your Patronus is a cat, you could get a tattoo of a simple cat drawing. People may not know the meaning behind your tattoo unless you combine it with another idea.

Like the house idea, I like that you can make it as obvious of a tattoo as you want. You can also get creative with the colors, shading, and other details.

Your Wand

I know, I’ve mentioned a couple of ideas that require taking an online quiz. But you can take a wand quiz to learn what your wand might look like if you went to Hogwarts.

Then, you can use your quiz results to come up with a good Harry Potter tattoo design. Get a tattoo of the wand to show off your love of all things magical.

This is a particularly great tattoo idea if you like other fictional books, shows, and movies about magic. I grew up watching shows like Wizards of Waverly Place and The Vampire Diaries, so a wand tattoo would be perfect for me.

However, this tattoo idea is hard to keep subtle. People may not think about Harry Potter, but they’ll be able to tell you like magic or stories about magic.

Other Magical Items

Another great Harry Potter Tattoo Idea is to get one of different magical items. For example, you might get a tattoo of a spellbook, which you could do on its own or as part of a larger idea.

On its own, the spellbook may look like any other book. But if you combine it with a broom, a Harry Potter symbol, or any of the ideas on this list, you can make it more obvious.

Like the wand idea, tattoos of magical items are great if you like Harry Potter and other fictional series surrounding magic. You can make the tattoo represent all of your favorite books, shows, or movies.

Your Favorite Quote

Do you ever find yourself quoting the Harry Potter books or movies? If so, turn your favorite quote or quotes into your next tattoo idea.

You can ask a tattoo artist to use a script font or something else that looks like the writing in Harry Potter. Consider if you want to use a shorter quote, which makes a smaller tattoo easier to do.

Of course, if you have multiple quotes you love, you can get tattoos of each. You can get them on different parts of your body or put them next to each other, such as to help form a sleeve.

Personally, I wouldn’t do this idea since your favorite quote can change. I’m also not one of those people that would get a tattoo with words, but to each their own.

Your Favorite Spell

Maybe you love a certain spell, such as “expecto patronus,” so you get that as a tattoo. The nice thing about that spell is that you can combine it with a tattoo of your Patronus.

Like other quotes, you can ask the tattoo artist to use a specific type of font. You can also ask to make the words as small or as big as you want.

Then, you can get a tattoo in the size you desire. Even if your favorite spell doesn’t have to do with anything specific, you can get it alone or combine it with a tattoo of your wand, for example.

As with the quote idea, getting a tattoo with words is risky. Your favorite spell may change over time, so you might not want the tattoo in a few years.

A Lightning Bolt

I can’t share a list of Harry Potter tattoo ideas and not include the famous lightning bolt. Of course, Harry Potter has this shape as a scar on his forehead, so you can get your tattoo in that spot.

But you can get the tattoo wherever it makes sense, especially if you want the option of covering it up. An excellent idea would be to get that tattoo next to whatever scar you have.

I have a couple of scars on my knees, so if I were to use this idea, I’d get a tattoo just above or below that. You can get creative with this tattoo idea, so have fun with it.

The great thing about this idea is that it’s pretty simple. If you haven’t gotten a tattoo, this is a great first one since it can be small and in a place where you can easily hide it.

Iconic Glasses

Another one of Harry’s most recognizable traits has to be his glasses. You can get a small tattoo of the outline of his specs, and you can get it anywhere on your body.

This is a nice simple tattoo, and it can be subtle as well, so others don’t have to know it’s Harry Potter-related. But you can make it more obvious by getting a small lightning bolt above the glasses.

I wouldn’t recommend getting the glasses tattooed as if you were wearing them. Instead, find somewhere else on your body depending on how big you want the tattoo to be.

The Sorting Hat

You can also look into getting a tattoo of the famous Hogwarts sorting hat. This is a good option if you don’t know your house or if you get different results from each quiz you take.

What’s more, you can combine this tattoo idea with that of your Hogwarts house. You can get a tattoo of the sorting hat above the colors of the crest or the name of your house.

In either case, you can get a simple outline of the hat and its folds. Or you can go more colorful and ask for brown ink to make the hat more realistic.

Of course, the more detail you get, the more expensive the tattoo will be. So this probably isn’t great for first-timers either since it may take a while for an artist to complete.

Hogwarts Scenery

If you want a larger tattoo, consider getting one of the outside of Hogwarts. You can ask for the design to include the school itself and some of the nature around it.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the best idea if you want a small, simple tattoo. The tattoo is a good option to work alone or as the start of a tattoo sleeve.

Once you get this tattoo, you can return to the parlor to get other, smaller tattoos around it. Then, you can really show your love for Harry Potter.

Platform 9 3/4

Another great idea for a Harry Potter tattoo comes from the platform students use to go to Hogwarts. Consider getting the bricks of the platform as a tattoo or the number “9 3/4.”

You can make this idea work on your own or with friends. For example, some of my friends in college and I were all in different houses, and we all played in a flute quartet that we named the 9 and 3/quartet. (I’m still proud of that name.)

If we had gotten tattoos together, that would have been a fantastic idea. Not only would it represent Harry Potter, but it would have also shown off the name of our music group.

But you can make this idea work on your own as well. If you get it somewhere visible, you can make it a talking point since people will either know what it means or ask you what it means.

Your Favorite Character

Consider who your favorite Harry Potter character is, such as Harry or even someone like George Weasley. Getting a tattoo of a person might not be ideal, but you could base the design off the description in the books.

Another option is to do an outline tattoo of the character in question. So if your favorite character is Hermione, you might get a tattoo of the outline of her curly hair and pair it with the signature Gryffindor uniform tie.

There are a lot of ways you can take this idea, so think about your options. You can meet with your tattoo artist, and they may have suggestions as well.

If you work with an experienced artist, they may be able to do something quite realistic. Then, it will be clear who your favorite character is.

Your Favorite Quidditch Piece

If you love reading or watching the scenes with Quidditch games, consider using that for a tattoo. You can get a tattoo of your favorite game piece, such as the golden snitch.

For those who can’t decide on their favorite piece, use all of them. You can also add a broom to the tattoo since that’s what the players ride on during matches.

Or if you prefer the quaffle or the two bludgers, use those pieces in your tattoo. The nice thing about any of the pieces is that they can help strike up a conversation, especially with strangers who aren’t Harry Potter superfans.

I like that this tattoo idea is pretty flexible, and you can add on to it. So you might get just the snitch now, but you could get the quaffle and bludgers next to it later.

The Horcruxes

Of course, another significant part of Harry Potter is the various Horcruxes. You can get a tattoo of one or more of them, and you can combine all seven into one big tattoo.

This is a fantastic idea if you want to spread out the tattooing process over a few appointments. Maybe you want to read the books, and you get each Horcrux after you finish the corresponding book.

Or you could spread them out over a few months. That’s a good idea if you’re on a budget and need some time to save a bit of money but want to get a small tattoo right away.

A Significant Date

You might also want to get a tattoo of a date that has a special meaning in the Harry Potter universe. For example, Harry Potter’s birthday is July 31, so you could get a tattoo of that.

If you know your favorite character’s birthday, you can get a tattoo of the numbers instead of the character. Then, you won’t have to get a tattoo of a person.

When getting a tattoo based on your favorite character, you can also combine astrology. So if Harry is your favorite, you can get a tattoo of a Leo since that’s his sun sign.

Birthday Cake

If you want to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday, another option is to get a tattoo of his birthday cake. Like some other tattoo ideas, this one can be as subtle or as obvious as you want based on where you get it.

It could also be more subtle if you know someone in real life with the name of Harry. You could get the tattoo in honor of the real person and the fictional character.

I think this is also a good tattoo that you could customize, so you could swap out the name. Keep the cake design the same to retain the original message, but you can use your name or that of your significant other or your child.

Of course, getting a tattoo of someone’s name is always a risk. But I think if you expect for that person to be in your life forever, it can be a good choice.

A Couple’s Tattoo

If you and your significant other both love Harry Potter, you can get tattoos together. You can turn almost any individual tattoo into one for both of you.

Maybe you get a tattoo of each other’s Patronus or Hogwarts house colors. Or perhaps you get a tattoo of each other’s favorite spell or quote from the series.

Another option is to get tattoos of James and Lily or the outlines of those characters. If you have a son, you could even include a tattoo of Harry in there.

I think this is a good idea for serious couples who are already married or are heading that direction. If you get a couple’s tattoo with a new partner, you may break up and regret the tattoo idea, especially if it’s one where both parts fit together.

However, you can also make this work with a friend, sibling, or parent.

How to Choose a Harry Potter Tattoo

As you look at a bunch of Harry Potter tattoo ideas, you have to narrow down your choices. If one idea speaks to you, you can go ahead and book an appointment at a tattoo parlor.

But you still have some other decisions that may confirm your initial choice. Or those decisions could make your first choice tattoo won’t work.

Here are some things to think about before you get a Harry Potter tattoo.

Where on Your Body

First, you have to think about where on your body you want the tattoo to go. This can affect how big the tattoo can be, especially if you want the tattoo on your wrist or ankle.

Depending on your job, you may need to get a tattoo in a place that you can conceal easily. Some jobs don’t let you have visible tattoos, so you may have to go with something further up your arm or leg or on your torso.

Either way, think about if you want to be able to see the tattoo. If so, you may want to avoid your back or the sides of your torso.

How Big You Want It

Some tattoos need more space so that you can see the details, such as the Hogwarts scenery idea. But other tattoos, such as the lightning bolt, can be as small or as large as you choose.

Deciding on the size may help eliminate certain ideas. That way, you can make sure the tattoo will look good after you finish it.

You might also want to think about if you’ll add to the tattoo in the future. If so, you’ll need to get the tattoo in a place with room to grow.

If You Want Color

You should also think about if you want just black ink or if you want a colorful tattoo. Of course, you’ll need color if you want to use your Hogwarts house colors in your tattoo.

But most ideas are easy enough to recreate with just black ink. You might get the outline of a cat if that’s your Patronus, or you could get a lightning bolt in black.

Think about the specific colors of ink you’ll need. Then, you can ask the tattoo shop if they have those colors.

How Much You Can Spend

Tattoos can get expensive, especially if you want a large one or one with a lot of detail. Before you start getting the tattoo, show your ideas to the artist.

Ask them for an estimate on the price, and leave room for a tip. Then, you can determine how much of a tattoo you can afford to get.

If you don’t have enough money, you can push off getting the tattoo and save up. Or if you don’t want to wait, you can look for something simpler that you can pay for now.

Who the Artist Is

It also helps to learn about your potential tattoo artist and their work. This is especially useful if you get a more detailed or colorful tattoo.

Consider if the artist has done anything similar, even if it has nothing to do with Harry Potter. If so, you can safely assume they’ll do a good job on your tattoo.

But if an artist has only ever used black ink and done simple designs, keep that in mind. You may need to look for another tattoo artist if you want a different tattoo style.

FAQs About Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas

Question: Can you Hide a Harry Potter Tattoo if Necessary?

Answer: You can get a Harry Potter tattoo that you can hide, such as at work. If you want this option, consider getting a tattoo on your upper arms or legs.
Tattoos on your face, neck, and even your feet can be hard to conceal. You may be able to use concealer, but that takes work, and it can rub off if you aren’t careful.

Question: Are Harry Potter Tattoos Expensive?

Answer: Like any other design, some Harry Potter tattoos are more expensive than others. The cost can depend on the size, amount of detail, and the experience of the artist.
It may also vary based on where you live and the average cost of living. Getting a tattoo in Los Angeles will probably cost more than in a small town.

Question: Should you get Multiple Harry Potter Tattoos?

Answer: You can get as few or as many Harry Potter tattoos as you want. Keep in mind that it will cost more and take more time if you want to get two or three tattoos.
But getting multiple tattoos means you don’t have to choose just one idea. However, you may want to get one tattoo at a time so that you don’t have to do tattoo aftercare on all of them at the same time.

Question: Where Should you get a Harry Potter Tattoo?

Answer: You should look for a reputable tattoo shop in your area. Make sure the shop uses clean, sanitary tools and cleans them between tattoos.
If you want someone with more experience, you’ll need to pay more. You can go with a newer artist, but I’d recommend doing that for simpler designs.

Final Note on Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas

The right Harry Potter tattoo ideas can help you showcase your love of the series. However, you can also keep your tattoo subtle if you choose, which is one thing I like about the 9 3/4 text idea.

Be sure to look at different ideas, from a simple lightning bolt to the Hogwarts campus. Then, you can determine which idea best meets your needs and preferences.

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