Harry Potter Robe Ideas for Your Next Theme Party

Did you know that in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the formal robes were referred to as being “More or less the same as … school ones”? In the film adaptation, however, representation changed – the boys were dressed in formal Muggle-like attire, and the girls were wearing ball gowns. While the Hogwarts

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Harry Potter Nails Ideas

Sometimes I just want to shout through a megaphone how much I love Harry Potter. This series took me by the throat at such a young age and hasn’t let me go since. And if you’re clicking on an article titled ‘bets Harry Potter Nail Ideas,” then I’m betting you’re a fellow Potterhead. Harry Potter

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Best Harry Potter Themed Earrings for Fans

Every part of the Harry Potter series sends me on a roller coaster ride between hope and passion while letting me believe in something like magic. At this point, I have watched and read it so much that I have developed an eternal bond with the series, and my love for its merchandise further adds

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